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Our goal is to offer a quality product for a competitive price that satisfies both sides. Continuous interest of the market and tendencies enables us to be more flexible and adopt our services to the changing demands of our customers. We do not follow the principles of a standard shop – we always try individually to fulfill our clients’ needs.


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Technical data


Power from 10 to 2500 kVA
Selection consultations.
Synchronization systems with the possibility to expand the power up to 17500 kVA
For open installation indoors
For closed outdoor installation outdoors
Special purpose, military, hospitals, banks.
Special, specific, on car trailers, different autonomy, colors, in sea containers, and other versions according to customer needs.
With control automation, ARI cabinets.
Technical service, spare parts.

Electric motors

General purpose electric motors
Power 0.06-500kW
Rotation speed 400-3000 rpm.
Multiple speeds
Different construction types

Electric motors with brake
Power 0.12-55kW
Speed 400-3000 rpm.
Electromagnetic brake power 2-800 Nm
Different construction types

Single-phase electric motors
Power 0.18-3kW
Speed 900-3000 rpm.
Different construction types

The electric motors are designed for explosive
Power 0.06-500kW
Speed 700-3000 rpm.
Different construction types

Electric motors for sawing equipment
Power 0.2-30kW
Speed 900-18000 rpm.
Also single phase

Phased rotor motors (for cranes)
Power 1.4 – 240kW
Speed 230-980 rpm.
Multiple speeds
Different construction types

DC motors
Torque 100 – 38000 Nm
Different construction types

High voltage motors
Voltage 3000-13800V
Power 200-12000kW
Speed 250-3600 rpm.
Different construction types


Worm gearboxes
Power 0.06-11 kW
Torque 15-1000 Nm
Gear ratio 5-5000

Helical gearboxes
Power 0.12-55kW
Torque 23-14000 Nm
Gear ratio 0.8-13500

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes
Power 0.12-55kW
Torque 27-14000 Nm
Gear ratio 0.8-18800

Angle (bevel)gear boxes
Power 0.12-90kW
Torque 100-20000 Nm
Gear ratio 5.5-8600


Electromechanical vibrators
Power 0.024-18.7 kW
Centrifugal force 0.04-245 kN
Rotation speed 500-3000 rpm.
Supply voltage 24-480 V (830 V)

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UAB Asgena
Address: Paliūniškio g. 13, LT-35114 Panevežys
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